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to Saint-Petersburg and Leningrad Region

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Limpopo Virtual Investment Conference 01-02 September 2021
(1 September 2021г., 12:14)

Office of The Honorary Consul of The RSA to St.Petersburg and Leningrad Region jointly with Chambers of commerce and industries of St. Petersburg and Leningard Region participate in Limpopo Virtual Investment Conference 01-02 September 2021.

The Limpopo Provincial Investment Conference scheduled for 1-2 September 2021 follows on the SA Investment Conference hosted by President Cyril Ramaphosa in November 2020. The province draws strength and encouragement from the significant number of businesses that showed interest in investing in South Africa despite the global economic challenges hampering the economic growth across the world. 

The investment conference will further position the Province’s investment and industrialisation discourse emphasising the opportunity to take advantage of the untapped and latent business opportunities flowing from traditional and new growth sectors imbedded in the Musina-Makhado Special Economic Zone. 

The two-day conference will bring investors, industrial players, economists, business experts and academics, etc to debate and bring about solutions for growing new industries to thereby supporting job creation, aiding in reducing poverty and contributing towards increasing the country’s tax base. Limpopo Province is endowed with natural resources and its economic strength in the primary sectors, is an impetus contribution in the growth of manufacturing.   

The Province has a keen interest in further encouraging and optimising private sector investment into the Province, with a promise to a long-term strategic plan focused on inclusive growth – in the wake of the 4IR (building on the strength of small businesses, industrialists, and new upcoming entrepreneurs).

This exciting virtual conference will bring together private sector, government and industry to attract investments, pave the way for nurturing and supporting industrialisation in Limpopo and make a substantial contribution to its 5-year target.

Join 250 national and international captains of industry and the Premier of Limpopo to focus on the possibilities offered by the province in the following thematic areas:

  • Theme 1: Mining and mineral beneficiation
  • Theme 2: Agriculture and agro processing
  • Theme 3: Renewable & alternative energy
  • Theme 4: Tourism
  • Theme 5: Industrial infrastructure & technology
  • Theme 6: Special Economic Zones


The conference expects to attract local and international investment; create a network of investors, industry experts and key stakeholders in pursuit of industrialisation; and receive investment pledges.

To promote economic growth, development, and job creation through:

  • Industrialisation
  • Promotion and facilitation of trade, investment, and finance
  • Creation and support of sustainable enterprises
  • Continuous technological innovation
  • Accelerating industrial diversification through strategic economic development initiatives increasing trade and investment in Limpopo